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AH Transcripts is an Australian-based After Hours Typing and Transcription Service Provider, specialising in Medical and Legal Transcription


File Notes and Memos

Contemporaneous detailed File Notes and Memoranda of conversations with Clients or Patients ensuring compliance with best practice methods

Correspondence and Letters of Advice

Letters of Advice and general Legal and Medical correspondence accurately and professionally presented

Court Documents

Court Documents accurately and professionally prepared in accordance with current and relevant Legislation

Counsel's Advice

Knowledge in transcription and presentation of relevant case law citations as part of Counsel’s Advice

Medico-Legal Reports

Comprehension of both Legal and Medical Terminology required in Medico-Legal reporting

Client Meetings/Interviews

Cost effective outsourcing of lengthy Client Meetings/Interviews to a professional Audio Transcriptionist

legal transcription services

Legal Transcription Service

Let me help you create and/or improve current workflows between your professional staff and support staff with a view to enhancing positive client outcomes. Today’s technology allows me to be situate anywhere in Australia while being able to provide you with a professional, secure and efficient Audio Transcription Service.


medical transcription services

Medical Transcription Service

Let me assist you to turn your Doctor-Patient Notes and Medico-Legal Reports into professionally prepared evidentiary material for use in providing Expert Medical Opinion in Civil and Criminal cases, Personal Injury claims and Liability matters, if required, while retaining client confidentiality at all times. 

Why AH Transcripts

AH Transcription Service is owned and operated by myself, HELEN MAHER.  I have been employed in the Legal Industry for the majority of my working life.  I offer a Trusted Transcription Service for Legal and Medical Professionals outside of normal business hours, being on week nights and weekends.  My Service is designed to assist you, members of the Legal and Medical professions, by providing an additional set of hands to your business during busy times thereby freeing up your time to concentrate on quality service to your clients/patients.  Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that I am professionally looking after your Typing and Audio Transcription requirements.

 Having worked in fast-paced office environments since I was 15, I know my way around a keyboard and understand what is expected in producing a polished and professional product every time: by ‘listening’ to what is being said; ‘comprehending’ what is required; using ‘common sense’, and showing ‘pride’ in what is produced by ensuring it has been ‘spell-checked’ and ‘proof-read’.

So, contact me today and take back your week nights and weekends enabling you to better utilise and enjoy your precious time. 

With AHTS, you get the best.

I offer my Transcription Service through what, I believe to be, an easy-to-use, secure file and communication portal. Let me know if you agree.

Thanks for your enquiry

I will be back in touch with you just as soon as I can. If your enquiry is urgent, please call me on 0408 945 905.